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CMTBC has seven committees that support CMTBC in specific areas. The College’s Committees are comprised of public representatives, elected Board members, and Practising RMTs.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee hears and determines any matters that have been forwarded to it by the Inquiry Committee. The Discipline Committee strikes a panel of three or more people to sit for each discipline hearing.


Jennifer Lie (Chair)
Arny Abramson
Audra Coton
Nicholas Aubin
Evan Jeary
Elisa Peterson
Rachel Shiu
Michael Wiebe
Carol Williams
Stefanie Wong

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance & Audit Committee supports the CMTBC Board’s mandate by identifying and addressing financial risks and issues, assuring reliable and relevant financial reporting, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of financial operations. The Committee reviews quarterly financial reports, budgets and forecasts, and audited financial statements and auditors’ reports. The Committee advises the Board and management staff on financial matters.

Nicholas Aubin (Chair)
Bianca Ashe
Conrad Chevalier
Ashley Leighton
Catherine Ryan

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee develops and recommends to the Board best practices and effective approaches to strategic planning, organizational renewal, organizational conduct, and risk management.

Jana Konkin (Chair)
Nicholas Aubin
Robin Perry

Inquiry Committee

The role of the Inquiry Committee is to process complaints regarding the conduct and competence of registrants.
The Inquiry Committee can also conduct audits and initiate investigations on its own.

Teresa Budd (Chair)
Pamela Nonis (Vice-Chair)
Sheila Cessford
Cary Cowan
Lynne Harris
Jana Konkin
Robin Perry
Wendy Sanders

Patient Relations Committee

The Patient Relations Committee establishes and maintains a program to prevent professional misconduct, including professional misconduct of a sexual nature. The Committee develops guidelines for the conduct of registrants with their patients, and provides information to the public regarding the College’s complaint and discipline process.

Michael Wiebe (Chair)
Kristen Burrows
Richard Ingram
Nick Legault
Jennifer Lie
John Oliffe
Rachel Shiu
Mary Watterson
Stefanie Wong

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance (QA) Committee monitors the ongoing competency of Practising registrants, and the re-entry to the profession of Non-practising registrants wishing to return to Practising status. The Committee is responsible for the development of standards of professional practice, clinical practice guidelines, and advisory statements. 

Jennifer Lie (Chair)
Laura Dunkley
Richard Ingram
Thomas Klie-Cribb
Sue Murphy
Harman Pandher

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is responsible for overseeing the process of becoming a registrant of CMTBC, including policy related to the administration of registration examinations, such as the accommodation of special needs. The Committee makes decisions about registration matters in accordance with the Health Professions Act and the College’s Bylaws.

Claudia Lee (Chair)
Jane Abbott
Nicholas Aubin
Joti Dhesi
Thomas Klie-Cribb
Taylor James Laviolette
Aisha Ohene-Asante
Winchester Victor

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