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Practising/Non-Practising Status Change

Registration Status Change: Non-practising to Practising

If you hold Non-practising status and wish to return to Practising registration, you must complete the fillable Application for Return to Practising Registration form (PDF) and return it to College staff by mail, fax or email to College staff will guide you through the next steps, which are summarized below.

If you have been Non-practising for less than two years, the requirements for a return to Practising status are:

If you have been Non-practising for two years or more, College staff will review your application form and guide you through the next steps. There will be an assessment by the Registration Committee of your readiness for practice, which may result in a requirement that you successfully complete registration examination components or a clinical skills refresher course. For more information, click here.

Registration Status Change: Practising to Non-practising

If you hold Practising status and are changing to Non-practising registration, you must complete the  fillable Application for Non-practising Registration form and return it to CMTBC by mail, fax or email to College staff will guide you through the next steps which are summarized below.

The requirements for conversion to Non-practising status are:

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