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CMTBC Online Courses

CMTBC’s online courses cover practice standards, legislation, guidelines, and scenarios specific to RMTs’ practice environments. The courses provide essential information to support RMTs.

CMTBC online course requirement for Cycle 12

All RMTs – with the exception of new RMTs granted registration for the first time from November 1, 2019 (see below) – are required to complete CMTBC’s online course on the Boundaries Standard of Practice and the Consent Standard of Practice by the end of Cycle 12 (October 31, 2020). Successful completion of the Boundaries and Consent course meets the Cycle 12 requirement for RMTs to obtain 10 continuing education credits (CECs) from completion of CMTBC’s online course.

Who must take the course?

Consistent with CMTBC’s Bylaws, RMTs with practising and non-practising status are required to complete continuing education within the time frame of Cycle 12, which runs from November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2020.

The Quality Assurance Committee has specified requirements for RMTs, indicating how registration status relates to required CECs in Cycle 12. Although new RMTs registered on or after November 1, 2019 are exempted under the College Bylaws from the requirement to complete the Boundaries and Consent course, they are encouraged to take the course to ensure they understand these practice standards and can apply them to patient care.

How to enroll in and complete the Boundaries and Consent online course

Step 1: Plan and reflect

Make sure you are able to invest sufficient time over eight weeks to complete the eight-module course on Boundaries and Consent.

  • Enrollment starts the clock – once you enroll, the eight weeks begin.
  • Course completion demonstrates that you understand the requirements set out in the Boundaries Standard of Practice and the Consent Standard of Practice.
  • It is your professional obligation to comply with the practice standards and the Code of Ethics – the goal of the course is to ensure you understand these requirements and apply them in your practice.
  • Choose a time to enroll when you will be able to complete the course in the following eight weeks, allowing time for reflection and understanding.

Step 2: Enroll in the course via the Registrant Portal

  • Sign in to CMTBC’s Registrant Portal.
  • If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, find the menu on the left-hand side of the screen inside the portal. If you are using a mobile device (phone or tablet), find the “hamburger” menu icon.
  • Select “Continuing Education (CE)” to open a drop-down menu.
  • Select “Register in CMTBC’s Online Courses”.
Step 3: Pay for the course

As of April 23, 2020, and extending to October 31, 2020, payment for the course is no longer required due to a joint funding agreement between CMTBC and the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of BC (RMTBC) that covers the cost of delivering the course. RMTs who have previously enrolled in and paid for the course will automatically receive a $100 credit against their 2021 registration renewal fee.

Step 4: Set up an account, or use an existing account, in CMTBC’s Learning Centre

  • If you’ve previously taken a course in CMTBC’s Learning Centre, you already have an account in the learning system, Brightspace.
  • If you are a first-time Brightspace user with CMTBC, after registering for the course, you will receive a welcome email from [email protected] advising you of your Learning Centre username and password.
  • Your username is RMT-00XXXX where “00” are numerical zeroes and “XXXX” will be replaced with your four-digit CMTBC registration number.
  • You can personalize the assigned password on the Learning Centre login page when you’re ready to do so.

Step 5: Access your Learning Centre account

  • If you are ready to begin the course, follow the instructions in the Registrant Portal to go directly to the Learning Centre.
  • If you wish to start the course later, log out of the portal and log in to the Learning Centre when you’re ready.
  • You can access the Learning Centre via CMTBC’s website:
    • On a desktop or laptop computer, click “Learning Centre” near the righthand corner of the screen.
    • On a mobile device, select the “hamburger” menu icon and choose “Learning Centre”.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Forgot your password? Follow instructions on the login page and create a new password.  

 Step 6: Navigate inside the Learning Centre

  • Find the “My Courses” section.
  • Click on “Boundaries and Consent” – the graphic tile with trees, sky, and the course name.

 Step 7: Follow the instructions and complete the Boundaries and Consent course

  • Read the instructions carefully and follow the steps for successful completion of the course.

 Step 8: Complete the course in eight weeks from when you enrolled

  • Make a note in your calendar/s for when the eight weeks expire – don’t be surprised when the time runs out!
  • Give yourself time to review modules 1-7 before you complete the exam in module 8. 

Tips for successfully completing the Boundaries and Consent course

  • Read everything.
  • Check junk mail for expected emails from the Learning Centre ([email protected]) and from Brightspace – if you’re expecting a course-related email, it may be caught in your junk-mail filters.
  • Click on all interactive elements.
  • There is curriculum embedded within each interactive element – often, one click reveals material that leads to multiple “learn more” elements – keep going!
  • “Back” and “forward” navigation arrows are located at the top and bottom of each webpage inside the course.
  • Review the “Learning Objectives” at the beginning of each module. The end-of-module quiz addresses the learning objectives to ensure you’ve met them.
  • If you have the option of using a laptop or desktop computer, do so – the course is easier to view on a larger screen.
  • If you are using an Apple device, please use the most recent version of Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Avoid using the Safari browser. 
  • Please ensure the Operating System (OS) of your Apple device is updated. If you are having trouble upgrading to the latest version, it may be because your device is relatively old and can’t be updated to the latest version of the OS. In this case, please switch to a different device to avoid any technical errors.
  • Take your time.
  • Reflect on how the content relates to your practice.
  • Are you meeting all practice requirements addressed in the boundaries and consent standards? Engage in the inline quizzes to reflect on your practice and your decision-making process.
  • Complete the course over multiple sittings, not one or two condensed sittings. You’re responsible for absorbing the material; it’s not a hoop to jump through but an opportunity to reflect on patient care.

References and additional resources for the Boundaries and Consent course

The final exam is based on primary resources that RMTs can refer to for practice guidance:

While additional resources are introduced in modules 1-7 of the course, outlined below, the final exam assesses RMTs’ knowledge of the boundaries and consent standards, and the Code of Ethics.

Boundaries Standard of Practice, modules 1-4: additional resources used in the modules

  • Cooper, N., Frain, A., and Frain, J., editors (2018), ABC of Clinical Professionalism, John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
  • Fitch, P., Talking body listening hands: A guide to professionalism, communication and the therapeutic relationship, (2015), Pearson Education, Inc.
  • Flin, R., O’Connor, P., Crichton, M. (2008) Safety at the sharp end, A guide to non-technical skills. Aldershot, England: Ashgate.
  • Federation of Massage Therapy Regulatory Authorities of Canada (FOMTRAC), 2016, Inter-jurisdictional practice competencies and performance indicators for massage therapists at entry-to-practice, CMTBC, CMTNB, CMTNL, CMTO.

Consent Standard of Practice, modules 5-7: additional resources used in the modules

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